The calm before the storm

I always call this time of year “the calm before the storm” because the teachers are getting to know their kids and vice versa, therefore I need to wait before I can start my groups, get the Peer Pals program going, etc. I do have 5 individual students that I started seeing this week and will continue weekly with them throughout the year. I anticipate this number to go up (as it has every year in the past). I also sent out my classroom lesson sign up sheet for the Legacy trait of the month for September which is “Listening Actively”. Those lessons will start the week of September 8th.

Nadine Vitullo and I also started our meetings with the newly combined Student Council/PBIS club. We met twice this week in order to video the kids doing skits on listening actively in different parts of the school (i.e. hallways, Specials, the classroom, and recess). I was very impressed with the kids. They did a great job!  Nadine is the tech wizard so she will be using “I Movie” to make the video to send out to all the teachers. The teachers can then show it to their classes at their convenience. She will also be teaching me how to use “I Movie” (since I’m technologically challenged) and then I will be making the next video for “Expressing Yourself Respectfully”.

Tuesday night I attended the “100 mile club kick off meeting” at Skyline High School. It was a great introduction to the 100 mile club program. I will be helping our PE teacher out (i.e. running with the kids) starting the week of September 8th.

TGIF and I hope everyone has an awesome three day weekend!



Getting things done…

Wow what a great week! It was really nice to see all the students again.

 After helping with kindergarten assessments all day on Monday and Tuesday, I started working on my schedule for the year.  Lots of planning happens for me when the year starts. I got into all the 5th grade classrooms to tell the students about the Peer Pals program and how they can apply to be a mentor. They need to sign up by next Friday (the 29th) if they are interested and applications are due to me by September 12th.  I will be going into the kindergarten classrooms next week to introduce myself and tell the students what I do and how they can come see me. 

In addition, this year I will be helping out with the newly combined Student Council/PBIS (positive behavior, intervention, and support) club. As a result, Nadine (4th grade teacher) and I were able to design the new T-shirts for the students.  We hope to order them in the next week or so.  The 100 mile club will be starting soon as well and I will be helping out with that, either before or after school, two days a week.

I also ordered a bunch of things for the school store which will open for the first time on Friday, September 12th during lunch/recess. One of my parent volunteers is returning to help me this year but I could really use a few more!  The school store is open every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month except for November, December, and April due to holiday breaks.  The months of February and May have a slightly different schedule but it is all posted on the main school calendar for the teachers.

I’m looking forward to seeing some kids next week who I will be meeting with on a regular basis this year. I’m going to be trying to gather some data from my weekly kids I see to gage how they are doing academically, emotionally, and socially from the beginning of the year to the end.

I plan to post on my blog every Friday in an effort to recap my week.  Have a great weekend!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back and welcome to my blog!

I will be sharing Legacy counseling related events here, as well as the happenings of the counseling department (i.e. what’s new, what’s coming up, interesting counseling related articles and videos, etc.). I also have my counseling website which provides names and numbers of area resources as well as upcoming events ( Stay tuned!