A little late…

I’m a little late posting from last week. Friday I had a district counselor meeting in the morning and it was non stop from then on.

I was able to get all my groups organized and on days/times that worked for the teachers. I have a few missing permission slips but hopefully I can get those in by next week, after I remind the students. I also picked my Peer Pal mentors and had a little informational meeting with them on Friday afternoon. Peer Pals will start this week, along with my groups. I have three divorce/separation groups and three friendship/social skills group this time around. My groups will run once a week for a half hour for six consecutive weeks. After winter break I will start my second round of groups.

Nadine and I also met with the student council/PBIS students. They started making up their skits for the October Legacy trait of the month which is “Expressing Yourself Respectfully” and we handed out the club T-shirts. We are meeting again this week so they can practice their skits and we can tape them. I will be putting together the video on “I Movie” this time around.

It’s going to be another busy week!


Pro Kids!

IMG_9070 (2)I’m a little late posting from last week. It was so busy due to me doing classrooms lessons on the trait of the month for September which is Listening Actively. I also have six groups starting next week. All friendship and divorce/separation this time around.

The 100 mile club started last week and we have had a pretty good turn out. All together now we have around 96 students signed up which is way more than expected. I will be running with the kids on Mondays and Fridays.

We also had the Pro Kids show and parent night last Wednesday. With all the after school programs and sports going on we didn’t have a huge turn out but we still had a few families from Legacy and Prairie Ridge show up for parent night.  Next year we will need to do two shows for the students because 600 students all in the gym at once was kind of crazy.

Finally, the week ended with the opening of the school store on Friday. I had many students purchasing items and I actually sold out of nail polish.  Who knew it would be such a hot seller!

Another week gone…

I can’t believe another week has gone by (even though it was a short one!). Time is flying already and my “busy” time hasn’t even started yet. I think I will be in for a rude awakening next week when I jump right into doing my lessons on “Listening Actively” in the classrooms.

This week I continued to see my regular students and a couple more were added to my schedule as well. I also did my last introduction in kindergarten to let them know who I am, what I do, and how they can come see me. My collab time coverage started this week where I will be covering for the full day kindergarten class on Fridays while the teachers meet. I helped in the computer lab with the new “I Ready” testing and attended our first MTSS meeting.

In addition, next week Legacy will be hosting the Pro Kids show on Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night for Parent’s Night at 6:30 p.m. in conjunction with Prairie Ridge Elementary. Last year our Pro Kids show was cancelled due to the flood. We tried to reschedule last Fall and Spring but to no avail (our schedules just did not line up with Bill’s).

The 100 mile club starts on Monday where I will be helping out on Monday and Friday mornings. We have 76 students signed up, as of now, which is way more than was planned. We thought 50 would be a great start so this definitely exceeded our expectations!

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!