Pro Kids!

IMG_9070 (2)I’m a little late posting from last week. It was so busy due to me doing classrooms lessons on the trait of the month for September which is Listening Actively. I also have six groups starting next week. All friendship and divorce/separation this time around.

The 100 mile club started last week and we have had a pretty good turn out. All together now we have around 96 students signed up which is way more than expected. I will be running with the kids on Mondays and Fridays.

We also had the Pro Kids show and parent night last Wednesday. With all the after school programs and sports going on we didn’t have a huge turn out but we still had a few families from Legacy and Prairie Ridge show up for parent night.  Next year we will need to do two shows for the students because 600 students all in the gym at once was kind of crazy.

Finally, the week ended with the opening of the school store on Friday. I had many students purchasing items and I actually sold out of nail polish.  Who knew it would be such a hot seller!


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