A little late…

I’m a little late posting from last week. Friday I had a district counselor meeting in the morning and it was non stop from then on.

I was able to get all my groups organized and on days/times that worked for the teachers. I have a few missing permission slips but hopefully I can get those in by next week, after I remind the students. I also picked my Peer Pal mentors and had a little informational meeting with them on Friday afternoon. Peer Pals will start this week, along with my groups. I have three divorce/separation groups and three friendship/social skills group this time around. My groups will run once a week for a half hour for six consecutive weeks. After winter break I will start my second round of groups.

Nadine and I also met with the student council/PBIS students. They started making up their skits for the October Legacy trait of the month which is “Expressing Yourself Respectfully” and we handed out the club T-shirts. We are meeting again this week so they can practice their skits and we can tape them. I will be putting together the video on “I Movie” this time around.

It’s going to be another busy week!


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