Red Ribbon Week, CSCA Conference, etc.

Red Ribbon Week is underway! It’s great to see the kids dressed up to support saying “no” to drugs and alcohol. I have also seen some doors being decorated for the door decorating contest. Three Student Council students will be helping me judge the doors using a 4 point scale (4 is the best a class could get and 1 is the worst). They will be judging on three categories: student effort, creativity, and emotion/passion (how well the students are getting the message out). There will be a pizza party for the winner of K-2nd and 3rd- 5th. The judging will take place the morning of Monday, November 3rd.

Next Thursday and Friday I will be attending the Colorado School Counseling Association (CSCA) Conference in Loveland. I’m excited about the break out sessions I will be going to. Some of sessions I plan to attend include “Kindness in the Classroom”, “Creating a Positive School Culture and Climate in Elementary School”, “Helping Parents get Connected to their Kids”, and “101 Strategies Proven to Inspire and Engage Every Student”, among others. It’s a great networking opportunity as well, getting to see my fellow Counselors from the district and meeting new Counselors from other districts. It’s interesting to hear how things are done at other elementary schools around Colorado and getting new ideas.

Last but not least, it’s almost Halloween!  I will be at Trick or Treat Street (a.k.a. the Halloween Festival here at Legacy) on Thursday night. I will be dressed up as ghost along with some other staff and teachers who are doing the “Peanuts” theme. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy Halloween!


Red Ribbon Week!

Next week (October 27th-31st) is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is where we promote just saying “no” to drugs and alcohol.  At Legacy we will have a “spirit” week where students and staff can show their support for Red Ribbon Week by dressing up each day.  I will also be having a door decorating contest where each class can decorate their doors and have a chance to win a pizza party!  There will be one winner for K-2nd and one winner for 3rd-5th. Three of the student council students will be helping me judge the doors on the morning of Monday, November 3rd. The spirit week days are as follows:


Tuesday- WEAR YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS JERSEY DAY! (to team up against drugs!)

Wednesday- WEAR RED, WHITE AND BLUE DAY! ( I elect to be drug free!)

Thursday- WEAR YOUR SHIRT BACKWARDS DAY! (to turn your back on drugs!)

Friday- WEAR SWEATS DAY! (living drug free is no sweat!)

The Pillowcase Project

Last week two retired Counselors from the district came to present “The Pillowcase Project” (sponsored by the American Red Cross and Disney) to the 4th graders at Legacy. It’s a great emergency preparedness program for families and we hope the students share what they learned with their family and friends. To learn more about The Pillowcase Project please visit

Short week!

Once again time has gotten away from me and the fact that I took my birthday off last Friday to have some fun in the sun in Tucson, Arizona!

Anyway, this week is a short week due to us having Friday off for one of our parent/teacher conferences comp days. I know this break is much needed by the teachers. I feel like I had a much needed break last weekend and having this Friday off is just an added bonus.

I had to cancel Peer Pals this week because not only do we have Friday off but Thursday I will be out all day for a district required Mental Health First Aid training. This training is being given to all Administrators (Principals, Vice Principals, and Deans) and Counselors for right now. There is talk that it might be given to all teachers in the future.

Groups continue this week, as well as lessons in the classrooms for “Expressing Yourself Respectfully.” My schedule is pretty packed for the next two days and I feel like I’m playing catch up from last week. If I don’t get a chance to post again this week I hope everyone has a great long weekend!

ASIST Update, Expressing yourself respecfully, etc.

Wow, I’m really late posting from last week but the weeks keep getting busier and busier.

Last Friday I attended an ASIST refresher class. ASIST stands for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills. I took the initial two day class three years ago so I thought a refresher class would be in order. Unfortunately, even in elementary school, I have had to use the skills I learned in this class for a few of our students. Luckily, I had a parent volunteer running the school store on that day and one of my coworkers was able to cover my recess duty and kindergarten collaboration coverage, which I normally do on Fridays. I’m still looking for some volunteers to help out with a few of the school store dates. If anyone is interested in signing up you can go to the PTO tab on the school website and click on “volunteer”. This will give you a listing of all the volunteer opportunities at Legacy.

“Expressing Yourself Respectfully” is the Legacy trait for the month of October. I’m scheduled to go into some of the classrooms this month to teach this trait. I encourage students to use “I Messages” as a way of expressing themselves respectfully. An “I Message” is the following: I feel (sad, angry, frustrated, etc.)______________ when you (call me names, talk behind my back, etc.)_______________, please (stop, apologize, etc.)_________________________.  If you are the recipient of an “I Message” then the correct way to respond is the following: I’m sorry, Ok, I understand, I see what you mean, I’ll try to do better, I’ll stop, I hear you, Sure, etc. Students like to run and tell an adult when someone is doing or saying something they don’t like instead of trying to solve the problem themselves first. If they are using “I Messages” and they aren’t working then they can tell an adult.

The Student Council/PBIS club has finished their second video of the year for “Expressing Yourself Respectfully” but, unfortunately, it can not be posted on my blog because it’s too big. Once it gets posted on the school website I will post a link to it here.

Currently, the parent/teacher conferences are under way which makes for some very long days here even if I was only invited to a couple of conferences. I still need to be here because we get two comp days for the extra hours.

I probably won’t get a chance to post on Friday so have a great weekend!