ASIST Update, Expressing yourself respecfully, etc.

Wow, I’m really late posting from last week but the weeks keep getting busier and busier.

Last Friday I attended an ASIST refresher class. ASIST stands for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills. I took the initial two day class three years ago so I thought a refresher class would be in order. Unfortunately, even in elementary school, I have had to use the skills I learned in this class for a few of our students. Luckily, I had a parent volunteer running the school store on that day and one of my coworkers was able to cover my recess duty and kindergarten collaboration coverage, which I normally do on Fridays. I’m still looking for some volunteers to help out with a few of the school store dates. If anyone is interested in signing up you can go to the PTO tab on the school website and click on “volunteer”. This will give you a listing of all the volunteer opportunities at Legacy.

“Expressing Yourself Respectfully” is the Legacy trait for the month of October. I’m scheduled to go into some of the classrooms this month to teach this trait. I encourage students to use “I Messages” as a way of expressing themselves respectfully. An “I Message” is the following: I feel (sad, angry, frustrated, etc.)______________ when you (call me names, talk behind my back, etc.)_______________, please (stop, apologize, etc.)_________________________.  If you are the recipient of an “I Message” then the correct way to respond is the following: I’m sorry, Ok, I understand, I see what you mean, I’ll try to do better, I’ll stop, I hear you, Sure, etc. Students like to run and tell an adult when someone is doing or saying something they don’t like instead of trying to solve the problem themselves first. If they are using “I Messages” and they aren’t working then they can tell an adult.

The Student Council/PBIS club has finished their second video of the year for “Expressing Yourself Respectfully” but, unfortunately, it can not be posted on my blog because it’s too big. Once it gets posted on the school website I will post a link to it here.

Currently, the parent/teacher conferences are under way which makes for some very long days here even if I was only invited to a couple of conferences. I still need to be here because we get two comp days for the extra hours.

I probably won’t get a chance to post on Friday so have a great weekend!


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