Short week!

Once again time has gotten away from me and the fact that I took my birthday off last Friday to have some fun in the sun in Tucson, Arizona!

Anyway, this week is a short week due to us having Friday off for one of our parent/teacher conferences comp days. I know this break is much needed by the teachers. I feel like I had a much needed break last weekend and having this Friday off is just an added bonus.

I had to cancel Peer Pals this week because not only do we have Friday off but Thursday I will be out all day for a district required Mental Health First Aid training. This training is being given to all Administrators (Principals, Vice Principals, and Deans) and Counselors for right now. There is talk that it might be given to all teachers in the future.

Groups continue this week, as well as lessons in the classrooms for “Expressing Yourself Respectfully.” My schedule is pretty packed for the next two days and I feel like I’m playing catch up from last week. If I don’t get a chance to post again this week I hope everyone has a great long weekend!


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