Thanksgiving break is almost here!

Wow time is flying and Thanksgiving break is almost here!  I can’t believe it. Last week was a busy week for me with a trauma response call to start off my week on Monday. I also had lessons in several classrooms for the trait of the month which is “Going for your Goals.” Friday was also our only school store for the month. Thankfully two people signed up to volunteer in January through the PTO website. I hope more sign up for future months.  This week I will be seeing my regular students that I see every week and start planning for the month of December. I will be doing lessons on “bullying” in December because we don’t have a Legacy trait of the month due to winter break.

I came across a couple of great websites when I was as the Colorado School Counseling Conference a couple of weeks ago so I thought I would share those. They are and  There are some great parenting classes that I put on my counseling website but they can also be found on I went to a break out session about it at the conference and it sounds like a great program that has helped many.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving break!


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