Almost there…

Holiday break is almost here for me. I decided to take Friday off to do some personal things as I am leaving to go out of town on Saturday.

I’ve had a lot to do to get ready for my eight groups starting the week of January 12th and lessons on “Accepting Responsibility” (the trait of the month for January) which I will start the week we get back from break. The Legacy Luncheon for “Accepting Responsibility” is on Wednesday, January 24th.

January is a busy month with the book fair and parent/teacher conferences the last week of January and our ten year celebration which is also taking place at the end of the month. On January 27th and 28th, Kaiser Permanente and Metro State’s theatre program will be putting on two performances for the students. One is on healthy eating and exercise (Health Team 4) for K-2nd and the other one is on bullying (Choose Your Life) for 3rd-5th. The 4th and 5th graders have seen Choose Your Life in the past but I think it will be a good review for them.

I’m looking forward to some rest and relaxation (and hopefully not getting sick).

Happy Holidays!


Stop, Walk, Talk

So this week and last week I was in some of the classrooms doing lessons on bullying. I sent out a sign up sheet and if teachers were interested they signed up.  The main focus of the lesson was “Stop, Walk, Talk”. This is what I teach them to do if they are getting bullied (bullying is defined as REPEATED physical or mental harm done to someone by one person or a group of people).  The “Stop, Walk, Talk” principle teaches students to first tell the bully to “stop” (i.e. standing up for themselves using an “I message” or just telling the person to stop in an assertive way).  If the bully doesn’t stop then they “walk” away.  If the bully follows them then they need to “talk” (i.e. tell a trusted adult).  If the bullying continues after using the “Stop, Walk, Talk” principle then they need to “talk” again (i.e. either tell the same adult they originally told or tell another adult until the bullying stops).


As a result of the tragic events that have occurred at Frederick High School I wanted to post some resources in case anyone out there is need of someone to talk to or you know of someone that needs help!



1-877-542-SAFE (Safe 2 Tell)

303-447-1665 (Mental Health of Boulder County 24 hr. hotline)


Today and yesterday were busy days getting back in the swing of things after a nice relaxing break. I sent out my sign up sheet to all the teachers so they could sign up for a lesson on “bullying” this month. We do not have a Legacy Luncheon so there isn’t a trait of the month for December. I think “bullying” is a very important topic to discuss with the students because, unfortunately, it happens.  We take bullying seriously here at Legacy and as soon as it is brought to my attention I have a talk with the student who is doing the bullying (i.e. a warning). If it continues then I let our Dean know and she takes it from there. We will also have Kaiser Permanente coming out in January to do a presentation on bullying for all the 3rd-5th graders.

I am in the process of gathering referrals for my second round of groups which will start the week of January 12th and continue for six weeks. I will have my last round of groups starting at the end of March. So far I have four friendship groups, three divorce groups, and an aggressive behaviors group. Eight groups will have to be my limit this time around. I just don’t have enough time in a day, unfortunately.

I also found out yesterday that I received a grant I requested from the PTO. I was very excited about this as the counseling department (i.e. me!) only gets allocated $50.00 a year from the school. The PTO has been very generous to also include in their budget this year some monies for the Legacy School Store which I’m in charge of. The kids are earning lots of golden paws and have been using those paws to purchase things. This is great but it costs money to keep the school store stocked. Anyway, I will be using this grant money to purchase a couple of books, as well as three different social skill/friendship games that I will be using with my groups. One of the books I bought is on bullying and the other one gives interventions for children of divorce. I plan to use some of those interventions, as needed, with my divorce groups. In addition, I was able to buys some much needed  crayons and markers for my Peer Pals program.

Until next time…