Stop, Walk, Talk

So this week and last week I was in some of the classrooms doing lessons on bullying. I sent out a sign up sheet and if teachers were interested they signed up.  The main focus of the lesson was “Stop, Walk, Talk”. This is what I teach them to do if they are getting bullied (bullying is defined as REPEATED physical or mental harm done to someone by one person or a group of people).  The “Stop, Walk, Talk” principle teaches students to first tell the bully to “stop” (i.e. standing up for themselves using an “I message” or just telling the person to stop in an assertive way).  If the bully doesn’t stop then they “walk” away.  If the bully follows them then they need to “talk” (i.e. tell a trusted adult).  If the bullying continues after using the “Stop, Walk, Talk” principle then they need to “talk” again (i.e. either tell the same adult they originally told or tell another adult until the bullying stops).


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