Counseling updates

This week is the last week of groups, except for my Monday group (next week will be their last week). Normally I would have another round of groups starting at the end of March but I’m not sure that will happen this year due to the testing that is taking place from March 9th to May 20th for the 3rd through 5th graders. If there are any K-2nd graders in need of a group I can definitely do that but my schedule and the testing schedule are just not meshing.

This week we also have our Legacy Luncheon for Caring and Cooperation. I did lessons in some of the classrooms for our trait of the month. For K-3rd grade I concentrated on Caring. For K-2nd I read the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” and had the students “fill each other’s buckets”.  First and second grades got pieces of papers with other students names on them and they had to write something nice about that person. Then the paper was given to the person and they were able to read what nice things their classmates had to say about them. For the 3rd graders I read a different story but had then do the same activity. For 4th and 5th grade I concentrated on cooperation. I talked about what cooperation means and the traits of a cooperative person. Then I broke the students up into groups and they had to do a group activity where they had to come up with a new animal. They had to name it, draw it and tell how and where it lives.  Afterwards the groups presented their animals and told if they had any problems cooperating.

Next month we don’t have a Legacy trait (due to testing) and in April our last trait is “You’re a Leader” with our luncheon being held on Wednesday, April 29th. I plan to do classroom lessons next month on careers.

Have a great week!


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