Academic Assemblies

Last Wednesday we had our first ever (at least since I’ve worked at Legacy) Academic Assemblies. One for 1st and 2nd (Kinder opted out) and another for 3rd-5th. We can no longer fit our entire school in the gym because we have so many students!

Five students were picked from each class for Reading (Reading Wizard), Writing (Word Master), Math (Math King/Queen), growth (Legacy Lion) and citizenship (Super Citizen). Fourth grade added one for History (Historian) as well. For the most part it was a success but, as expected, we did receive some negative feedback.

It was put on by the MTSS (Multi-tiered Systems of Support) committee to try and get more parent involvement in our school. We actually had a great turn out with the parents so that was wonderful to see!  We may do another one at the end of this school year but that has not been decided yet. Next year we are hoping to do one per tri-mester.


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