This week in the Counseling office…

This week I am starting my lessons on Careers. Since we don’t have a Legacy Trait of the month or a Luncheon (due to all the testing), I am talking to the students about Careers. For the 3rd through 5th graders I will have them fill out interest inventories to see what Career cluster they fall under and what jobs are associated with those career clusters. Fifth graders will be setting up their accounts on and doing their interest inventory on the website. They will continue using the College in Colorado website when they start middle school and for their ICAPS (Individual Career and Academic Plans).

I also finished up my second round of groups last week so I am preparing to start my 3rd and final round the week of March 30th. So far I only have two groups but I expected that due to the rigorous testing schedule.

Finally, Friday the school store will be open again after a long hiatus. Last month it was only open once because I did not have anyone to work it on Feb. 26th and my schedule also did not allow for it. This Friday I will be working it and I have an awesome coworker who is covering my duties during that time.

I hope everyone has a great week!


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