The end of they year is here!

This year has flown by!  I still can’t believe there are only 7 days left.

All school field day is tomorrow which is always a fun event for the students and the staff. Parents are welcome to attend as well.

Next week we have our last running day (Monday) for the 100 mile club and Tuesday morning we will be having a little breakfast for the 100 mile club runners to give out their medals.

Wednesday (May 20th) will be the last day that the school store is open so students who have any golden paws have another chance to spend them. They can also choose to save them for next year.

Thursday is our last day of school and the 5th graders will be having their continuation ceremony at 11:00 a.m. Then at 12:00 p.m. we have our all school picnic. Parents can come and have lunch with their student (s)  Students can then be signed out or they can finish their day at school.

I hope everyone has a relaxing summer 🙂


End of the Year

The end of the school year is fast approaching (I can’t believe it!). I will be wrapping up my groups next week but still meeting with my individual students through Tuesday, May 19th. Wednesday, May 20th I will be busy running the school store for the last time this year. Thursday, May 21st (the last day of school) I will be attending the 5th grade continuation ceremony and the school picnic.

In an attempt to gather data about my program I have started to give my individual students (that I meet with regularly) a survey. In the beginning of the school year students told me one thing that I could help them with this year. In this EOY survey one of the questions I ask is if they feel I helped them with their problem. I plan to do this every year with my individual students (I already do pre and post tests with my groups) but next year I will do it on a google doc form instead of paper.

Finally, I wanted to mention how grateful I am that so many community leaders were able to attend our last Legacy Luncheon of the year for being a leader. The Frederick Mayor, Tony Carey, attended as well as police officer, Nate Morton, and a couple of firemen as well. The Superintendent of the our school district, Don Haddad, and area superintendent, David Burnison, among others, also attended. I really appreciated the fact that they took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with our luncheon winners!