End of the Year

The end of the school year is fast approaching (I can’t believe it!). I will be wrapping up my groups next week but still meeting with my individual students through Tuesday, May 19th. Wednesday, May 20th I will be busy running the school store for the last time this year. Thursday, May 21st (the last day of school) I will be attending the 5th grade continuation ceremony and the school picnic.

In an attempt to gather data about my program I have started to give my individual students (that I meet with regularly) a survey. In the beginning of the school year students told me one thing that I could help them with this year. In this EOY survey one of the questions I ask is if they feel I helped them with their problem. I plan to do this every year with my individual students (I already do pre and post tests with my groups) but next year I will do it on a google doc form instead of paper.

Finally, I wanted to mention how grateful I am that so many community leaders were able to attend our last Legacy Luncheon of the year for being a leader. The Frederick Mayor, Tony Carey, attended as well as police officer, Nate Morton, and a couple of firemen as well. The Superintendent of the our school district, Don Haddad, and area superintendent, David Burnison, among others, also attended. I really appreciated the fact that they took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate with our luncheon winners!


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