Eric and Angelyne the amazing deaf cattle dog!

Eric and Angelyne visited Legacy last Wednesday to teach the K-2 students about respect, responsibility, safety, kindness, listening, and other positive character traits. Afterwards he made five classroom visits so students could visit with Angelyne close up and ask questions!


The following is some background info on Eric and Angelyne:

“At the age of 14 Eric Melvin was faced with the lifelong challenge of type 1 diabetes. Two decades later he was faced with another unexpected event. One month after bringing his puppy Angelyne home she was diagnosed being completely deaf at birth. Diabetes was a battle that Eric could not so easily walk away from. With Angelyne, Eric could have responded as many others would by returning her to the breeder, surrender her to a shelter or have her euthanized. With no promise of success Eric committed with compassion to keep Angelyne and give her the best life he could. Eric and Angelyne earned the “Most Improved Team” award in puppy obedience class. During training, Eric discovered Angelyne had extraordinary talent, focus, intelligence and a unique connection with people. In their first year they amassed 22 different hand signals and nonverbal commands including an array of tricks. One day a neighbor noticed Eric and Angelyne training and suggested they enter a dog talent contest. With no expectations Eric and Angelyne entered and won the contest. Afterwards they were greeted by numerous people interested to know their story and if they would bring their message and presentation to the community. From that day the life Eric and Angelyne had known was changing and taking on a new purpose. Eric and Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog deliver their heart-warming story and trick demonstration to people of all ages and abilities. Eric and Angelyne now have over 40 hand signals and nonverbal commands with many shown in their presentation. Their presentations educate and inspire as well as touch hearts and minds.”


Counseling Updates

We are now into our fourth full week of school and my programs are about to start up. The following are some important dates for September and October:

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd– Legacy Luncheon for Listening Actively

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd– Peer Pal mentor applications are due

Tuesday, Sept. 29th –  The Colorado Shakespeare Festival will be at Legacy to perform their anti bullying presentation (The Twelfth Night) for 3rd-5th.

Wednesday & Thursday, Sept. 30th and Oct. 1st –  Peer Pals begins

Monday, Sept. 28th- Friday, Oct. 2nd– Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, Sept. 28th-Thursday, Oct. 1st– Book Fair

October 5th– Groups start