ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study

Last week I went to the Colorado School Counseling Conference and learned about this very interesting study done on how abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction affects health and social well-being throughout life.

The higher the amount of ACE’s a person has the more likely they will have health problems such as heart, lung and liver disease, not to mention drug/ alcohol abuse, depression, and suicide.

Teaching resiliency, including self-efficacy, self-control, optimism and self-esteem can help combat adverse childhood experiences.

For more information on this study go to or the the ted talk at



Legacy Luncheon date change!

The Legacy trait of the month for November is “Going for your goals”. The luncheon for this trait was originally scheduled for this Wednesday, November 18th.  It has been rescheduled to Wednesday, December 9th per teacher request. This will allow students more time to reach or be working towards their goals!